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aya Education Foundation :: aya Scholarship Program
The Julian Cho Society has partnered with the Maya Educational Foundation to administer a Maya student scholarship program in the Toledo District of Belize. The Maya Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Massachusettes, supports educational programs throughout the Maya region. This joint collaboration was built on the common belief that education plays a key role in empowering people to better themselves and their communities.

The JCS scholarship program presently facilitates the studies of 32 high school students. Fourteen students hold full scholarships, which cover all fees (tuition, textbooks, and uniforms) for the four year tenure of High School. An additional 18 have been granted book awards. The students are required to maintain a minimum grade point average and engage in community service. We eagerly anticipate the graduation of our first set of JCS Scholars in June of 2010.

Additionally, the Julian Cho Society has established a peer tutoring program. Through combined efforts they have designed a program to not only improve scholastic performance, but foster skills in leadership and promote a sense of community. Students are paired according to their strengths and encouraged to work together on homework assignments and lead discussions on difficult concepts. Our goal was to design a program that is sustainable at the student level and easy to implement at the beginning of each semester. We aim to reinforce JCS’s fundamental principles of mutual accountability and social responsibility.

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